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Different Trades

Individuals from $176.00 each per year

Rental Property Schedule $121 each, separate additional property advice $110 at the time of the tax return

MV Log Book Method Worksheet Claim generally included if information is clearly providedportrait of smiling craftsman thumbs up sign

Sole Trader – ABN – No GST Registration from $330 (all inclusive)

Sole Trader – ABN – GST Registration from $550 (all inclusive)

Typical Individual Example – Husband & Wife, both working with one rental property $176 + $176 + $121 = $473

Business Client - Free, No Cost, No Obligation initial Chat to Scope out work required



New Business Setup

Structures required to set up a new business

New Business Setup

  • ABN Application $165
  • Trust Setup - Discretionary or Unit Trust with individual Trustee $1,650#
  • Trust Setup - Discretionary or Unit Trust with Corporate Trustee $3,300#
  • Partnership / JV - Of Individuals - of Trusts - Companies - price on application #
  • Trading Company - individual directors and shareholders $1,750#
  • Due Diligence on proposed business purchase, or to prepare for sale - price on application
  • Further business advice appointments if required, and outside the above scope from $220

# includes trust deeds, company constitution, minutes, ABN, ACN, TFN, GST, PAYG, Fuel Tax Credits, all information required to open a bank account and start trading ASAP.


Uber Drivers

Uber Drivers

Uber Drivers

- $220 per BAS and $220 for Annual Tax Return - Annual Accounting, BAS & Tax Return from $1,100 for a full year driving, pro-rata for part-year driving



Property Investor Advice                             Schedule a meeting - Click a time & place-

Files with the text property tax written on the tab,

Property Values Factors

Initial Strategic Tax Advice from $297,

- On all Tax Issues at play, up to 1 hour meeting verbal advice and summary notes.
- Investment Property Due Dilgence
- Structuring for maximise tax effectiveness
- Consideration best ownership and loans setups
- Consideration Capital Gains,Stamp Duty, Land Tax,
- Consideration GST implications
- Consideration Cashflow before & after Tax Cost estimates
- Consideration Maximise Tax Deductions & Depreciation

- Residency Consideration for CGT, Negative Gearing

  • Property Developers Advice
  • Tax implications of splitting blocks
  • Use of the Margin Scheme to reduce GST on sale of new residential property
  • When does a renovation deemed to be new residential property and subject to GST
  • Does your project become an enterprise for GST.
A couple of blogs that may help in the mean time

 Advice Appointments can be conducted

At our office – Phone or Skype (please note phone or Skype appointment require online payment upfront)


 Business Clients

business and office concept - smiling beautiful businesswoman All new business client is given the opportunity for a free no obligation discussion to see if we can work together.young business people working on project in team together Discussions can be -

  • at our office or your business location
  • phone meeting
  • or Skype meeting

At the meeting we will discuss options on how we can help you, then provided a fixed quote of fees on either a monthly or annual basis. Our level of service will be tailored to your requirements, from monthly reviews to annual tax returns only. Our preferred bookkeeping system is Xero – a fully cloud-based accounting system.

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