Fuel Rebate Schemes



Fuel tax credits commenced 1 July 2006 and substantially replaced the energy grants credits scheme (EGCS) with final changes applying from 1 July 2012.  Refer to the link in the red container below for the current EGCS rates.

 The fuel tax credit is available to entities using fuel in their businesses and to householders using fuel for domestic electricity generation.  Fuel tax credits provide a credit for fuel tax (excise duty) that is included in the price of fuel.

  From 1 July 2008 more businesses can claim fuel tax credits for the fuel they acquire and use in a range of business activities, machinery, plant, equipment and heavy vehicles.

 The only fuels that are not eligible are:

 Ø aviation fuels

Ø alternative fuels

Ø fuels used in light vehicles of 4.5 tonne gross vehicle mass (GVM) or less travelling on a public road (for example, a car or small van).



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